Client Reviews

Without hesitation, I give DPH Concierge & Lifestyle LLC- 5 stars for their work with my dance company and school in competitions and recitals. I am pleased to have established a relationship with Marcus Rogers Dance Company and this top-notch provider and know I can count on their reliability, diverse range of assistance offered and tasks and deadlines being met with calm and punctuality. Specifically, DPH provided makeup services to my competition team that included applications of stage makeup that needed to be done fast and efficiently. Knowing this pressure-filled situation, Damon Prescott Harris (owner of the company) rose to the occasion by making all of our girls make up looked polished and refined, making the dancers feel extra special. Had these services not been available, we would have been disqualified for not being on time for our performances. I cannot tell you what relief this brought me as the face of MRDC. We even got special praise from one of the judges for my team having “fabulous faces”. Dependable and creative, DPH Concierge & Lifestyle LLC provided services such as the design and creation of my recital tickets, my recital poster, and assisted me in multitudes of time-consuming tasks in preparation for my first ever dance recital. CEO & Chief Executive Concierge, Mr. Damon Prescott Harris personally managed and executed all job functions such as stage manager at my recital, ensuring a smooth running, professional event and helped account for all of my props, costumes, special hair needs, and was by my side, ready to help with a smile, consistently. He handled dealing with the needs of my dancers, our stagehands, my teaching staff, and my parents. Without a doubt, DPHLLC exceeded my expectations and executed exceptional work, on a whim with diligence and ease and sophistication.
I highly recommend this company to any business or person who could benefit from the exquisite, immaculate work provided with charm, manners, and respect for deadlines and quality assurance. Thank you.
— Marcus Rogers Founder & Director of Marcus Rogers Dance Company